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Birds Watching

Chugu Tanzania Adventure safaris has we qualified Safari guides who are well professions in Identifying and determining different species of birds. As our guides spend more than 5 years in the bush for wildlife working, so as are able to make your dreams come true.
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White backed Vulture (Gyps Bengalensis)

IDENTIFICATION & COLORS: A large dark or pale brown vulture with a conspicuous white rump in flight. Imm: Very dark without white rump patch. It show the illustrations for underside patterns in flight. HABITATS: They are common in East Africa and the most frequent vultures seen in the National parks, Soars above big game country; they nest in the forest or riverside trees and not in cliffs

Long Crested Eagle

A blackish brown eagle with a long crest; legs are blackish brown-white feathered. In flight pale bases of flight feathers from a whitish patch towards the end of each wing. For the Immature look similar to Adult but the crest is shorter. This bird prefer much in open country, to the wooded areas and the the edges of forests and cultivation.

European Bee-eater

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