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Mkomanzi National Park is located in Northeast circuit of Tanzania on the Kenyan boder, in Kilimanjaro region and Tanga region.  This park before was established as game reserve in 1951 and now upgraded to be a National park in 2006. This park  has an area covers from 3234sq km and is dominated by Acacia- commiphora vegetation;  it is contiguous with Kenya’s  Tsavo West National park.  The area commonly called ” Mkomanzi” is actually the union of two previous game reserve, the Usambara game reserve in the east in ” Lushoto District, Tanga region” and the Mkomanzi game reserve in the west  ” in same district Kilimanjaro region; in government documents they are sometimes called the Mkomanzi Umba game reserve. Of the two, the Mkomanzi is larger , and has more diversity of the relief and habitat, and a longer shared boder with Tsavo west National park. In the rest of this entry, ” Mkomanzi” will reffer to both the Mkomanzi and Umba game reserve together.

When you get  to visit this park expect to see Wild dogs , Black rhinoceros, Lions, Common eland, Hartebeest, Grant’s gazelles, Zebras and African Elephants. A study by the UK’s Royal Geographical Society reported  wide diversity of the Fauna and Catalogued many interactions among the species.


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