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Is a Local Tour  Agency and Safaris organizer in Tanzania,,  We  specialize in Trips and creating an exciting  East Africa Adventure tours and we offer plenty  of safari Itineraries that suit ant schedule for everyone who planned to travel with us in Tanzania from BIG to SMALL GROUP. Chugu Tanzania Adventure Safaris  is therefore offering  altogether a different trips from a regular Tour packages in all about your Holidays or Vacation trips, and all it goes beyond merely providing you with the suit level of Accommodations based on a wilderness Lodges/Hotels and Tented Camps with the related tour activities like; Wildlife SafarisWalking Safaris, Camping Experiences, Biking Tours, Treks, Mountais climbing , Birds watching, Culture Tours  and Villages Tours.
Whether you are looking for the great special Safari or Venture in Tanzania ,, we can work on your expectations to create a great wonderful and unforgettable Adventure and safari.

Chugu Tanzania Adventure Safaris grew to many different Abroad Countries of a World for the provisions of best services and offers with the best experienced Safari guides.  We are easily found, you can Contact us through an above phone number or write your details and your need in our Website booking form for the  Enquiries and Bookings. And we are located in southern Tanzania to the regions of Iringa and Njombe, the high way going to Ruaha National park { A largest National Park in Tanzania and East Africa}. Chugu  Adventure Safaris  has found and  managed  by the professional Tour Guides  and based  for helping the travelers and visitors from everywhere in the World  who planning  their Safari Trips in Tanzania whether for visiting the National Attractions including ” Tanzania National Parks” where the heart of Natural wonders  occupied, and also  we help the travelers to reach their dreams and planned destination  and arrange their safari and whole packages in the Itinerary. We actually organize and Arrange the safaris in Styles for typical packaging orders. A Company has the professional  English speaking safari guides and drivers who are well experienced in Wildlife, Mountains hiking, Adventure Trekking, Beach holidays safaris. The offers provided by      Chugu Adventure Safaris company are in the high standard and  Luxuries. We create and arrange the budgets and packages, also our offers based in luxuries and comfort services.


Chugu Adventure Safaris has the experienced safari guides and Drivers who are good English speaker with the highly knowledgeable of Wilderness skills and the local destinations with the great inspiring historic narrations of the moment figured subject of wildlife and related scenery. Our guides have more than 7 years in bush experiences and Safaris experience, so don’t worry about your care and effective leading. Both for the Drivers and Guides have well developed in Customers care Kindly language and response for the clients.  Whether your trip has no need for our car rental but only you need for a guide and driver, We organize and look for our official knowledgeable guide who normally are in order.  Guide and driver payment per day is officially ( USD $ 50).


Meet Our Team

Marketing Manager

Kasi is one of wildlife experience and she is working with Chugu Tanzania Adventure Safaris, she is an English speaking guide and she is a Safaris organizer.

Driver & Guide

Gilbert is a professional safari guide and licenced driver, he lives in Iringa and he works with Chugu Tanzania Adventure Safaris, he is well experienced with wildlife profession for more than 5 years and he started to work in Tanzania National Parks( TANAPA), He speaks English and he is professional in customer care.

Driver & Guide

Ernest is Professional Tourists guide and Driver, he is well experienced in; Wildlife safaris, Mountains hiking, Adventure trekking. He graduated a certificate of Tourists guide and well developed in Customer cares also he is an English speaking guide,. Ernest started to work with Tànzania National park for 3 years and joined to work with Chugu Tanzania Adventure Safaris

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