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We are organizing the most beautiful and safety Camping experience which our guests can enjoy the real bush accommodations in tents. Also will actually make the guests to luck seeing and hearing the different wild animals and birds with their calls. When you are looking for Camping Safari please talk to us and we will make it true. This is one way of bush experiences with great wildlife scenery views during your time with us.
On our adventure Camping safaris you will be immersed  in all beautiful East Africa wilderness. You will travel in on rough adventurous road, pass the small settlements and see the wonderfully landscapes and spectaculars of wildlife species.
All your senses will be involved , from smelling an early morning coffee or African black tea, experiencing the beautiful morning game drive.
Camping safaris gives you the nice  experience of falling asleep to the  hooting of an owl or waking up with the roaring of lions. The safari experiences is all the more intense as you are right in the middle of it all. The nearest to the natures especially in the night  with its Nocturnal sounds.
Our camping safari in Tanzania offer you all of these and  are therefore perfect for Nature lovers, and all who are looking for the break from the civilisation and its comforts. Camping is to experience all of East Africa’s natures, Cultures and living styles in the affordable way.
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