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Katavi National park is created in 1974 and is located in western circuit in Katavi region of Tanzania. It is a very remote park that is less frequently visited than other Tanzanian National park. The park is recorded  in size about 4471sq km, and this makes it to be a third largest national park in Tanzania. The park encompasses the Katuma River and the seasonal Lake Katavi and Lake Chada flood plains

Wildlife features include large animal herds, particularly of Cape Buffaloes,  Zebras, Wildebeests, Giraffes and Elephants plus along the Katuma river ,Crocodile and Hippopotamus which upon annual dry season results in Mudholes that can be  packed with hundreds of hippos. Carnivorous animals that roam this park are ; Cheetah, wild dogs, hyenas, Leopard and Lions . Some  sources are claim a very biodiversity  in the park, although there are also reports of wildlife decline due to illegal hunting and poaching, presumably ‘bushmeat’ sustenance. Katavi has fewer human visitors and jeeps conducting game drives like other Tanzanian National park.


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