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Mikumi National Park is wide famous wildlife destination in Tanzania,  this Park is a one which  located in a southeast of Tanzania and looking close to main road   of Dar es salaam to Zambia. According to its large in size but also this area has  populated with many wild creatures  with big herds of Elephants ,  Buffalo , Zebras, Wildebeest,  Lions prides, cheetah, Leopards and many more the same which found to others  wildlife destinations. With the being famous of this area, also Mikumi is  a access point for the Southern Tanzania tourists circuit.

Most of the people who luck to visit Mikumi  National park see only  few percentage of the park that lies North of Dar es salaam to Iringa  road, this area is known as Mkata flood plain and is notable for its fine particles, clay based, black cotton soil   ” this named after the type of soil thrived where cotton thrives.


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