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Ruaha National Park is located in southern circuit of Tanzania about a distance of 130km from Iringa region and 625km  southwest of Dar es Salaam towards Zambia. Ruaha  is not only known for its largest in size but also  from it quality of wilderness, remoteness,  large number of baobab trees and large concentration of rare species. Ruaha has declared as a national park in 1964. This park is a first largest in Tanzania and followed by Serengeti National park.

A most memorable sighting  when you reach in Ruaha National park is a quite number of mature ” Spiral horned male greater kudu. Greater kudu are normally solitary and bachelor herds  except during mating season. Female may  be seen throughout the year , and often female use to be in a dense bush country ad can be countered in groups from  “6 – 10″ including their offspring, also also this park has  numbered in a Maasai giraffe which  gave a park to be nicknamed as ” Giraffic Park”

Whenever you are looking for trips to this beautifully Tanzanian wildlife destination  talk to us and instant we can create a unique wonderfully tour which will lead you to experience very much the wonderfully natures and have a comfort stay with wonderfully game drive which accompanied by our professional and experienced safari guides and drivers who knows better the ways who will be introducing and opening your mind for any specie or anything spotted in a bush. Chugu  Tanzania Adventure Safaris always  offer their customers the unforgettable adventures and  life time memories, also we grew much in hospitality  and honesty to their clients. We actually need our customers when they go they look back after us.

Ruaha National park is a best place and loved for many  travelers.  Many  tourists who visit Ruaha  National park experience the spectacular  Adventures. The clients  get the great chance to enjoy Night Fire in a circled  bush fire light,  which brings them to share and reminding themselves  from what they had during their day game drive.


Chugu Tanzania Adventure Safaris  offer their clients the best unique  Tour experience  and wonderfully  game viewing. You can  organize  with us for;

  •  Ruaha Camping experience

This is a kind of accommodation  where by the  tourists   use the Tents for night sleep to the   park’s  located and designed place. This way brings the clients to enjoy  looking for hippopotamus  around the Tents, Noises  of birds in  early morning  and your safari guides will be revealing about those you see and hear around as well as taking care for you.

 * Night   Game Drive;

When you travel with us  expect to win this  wonderfully thrilled   wildlife safari which brings the customers to experience  spotting the Diurnal animals and other mammals found in  Ruaha National Park like  LIONS, LEOPARDS,  HONEY BUDGERS, and others  more.  This Night safari is a best way to spot the  wild  creatures which are not necessary spotted in days time.

  • Day and Night game drive;

Always we know the most popular  wildlife game viewing is  attended in days times, and this is a  most expected  experience  for many travelers  who visiting Tanzania. Day game drives brings the travelers  explore well the areas and  experience most of  spectacular  creatures and environments.

  • Birds Watching

Ruaha National park  has recorded to have more than 14000 species of birds, but due to its diversity other are Migratory birds which shift the areas from the different reasons.

This park has different nice views of birds watching  with its beautiful scenery views. You can enjoy and learn for more that 50 different species of birds per day.


As  we are a small business and best Safaris Company in Tanzania, we based much in Operating the best Tour services to many world wide travelers.  With the way you are looking for safari experience in Tanzania and expecting  to explore the big from us  during your stay, now we grew to Provide the unforgettable   Authentic Adventure by connecting  our clients to fly with in a Balloon experiences.

Chugu Tanzania Adventure Safaris  can organize for this budgeted Ultimate Safari where by the travelers  fly  and enjoy the best wilderness views when they are in a sky.  Hot Air Balloon Safari is a most  thrilling and memorable Adventure for the travel lovers in Africa.  Talk to us for more details


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