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Ruaha National park is a largest Tanzania’s park, which covers an area about 20226sq km with the spectacular  diversity of animal species and birds.

In Ruaha you hear the  hornbill tapping  at his reflection on car window and the hippo’s morning chorus snorting in the river as the balloon float low overhead which will be your nice moment to take many different photos of those wildlife in this park.  The best  experience in Ruaha balloon   which taking you to that next bush and suddenly come upon the herds of 100 buffalo, and the endless scenery of Ruaha park with baobabs.

As you organize the safaris trip with us to Southern circuit of Tanzania especially  to Ruaha National park we  also looking to hear from you  for the interest about  another wildlife experience of balloon flight which is booked in advances. We create your full safari packages including balloon experience as well as you wish and put it into a budget prices and booking list.

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